Happy Thanksgiving!

The big day has arrived, and I can hardly wait to dig in to another traditional turkey dinner!  First though, I want to share a little story I heard yesterday about a woman who nearly lost it in the middle of the bakery department at Costco.  Mid-afternoon she arrived to buy her pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving dinner, only to be told there were no more available.  Unbelievable!!  They could not have sold out already!!  She demanded to speak to the manager, and on his arrival she informed him it was her family tradition to have Costco pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, and she could NOT disappoint her family!!   I imagine she must have stomped her foot a time or two, but in any case, the manager vamoosed behind the scenes and convinced the head baker to bake a few more pies.  The woman returned later to get her freshly baked pies, and that store manager is surely a hero in her eyes!  I thought it was pretty heart-warming — a great big company like Costco with a kind local manager who cared about his customer.  Another reason to be grateful for life in our small-town Santa Maria Valley.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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