A Nostalgic Look at Grocery Stores

This morning I was going to talk about a wine tasting event tomorrow night (and I still will) when it occured to me to ask myself why I am so enamored with this particular local business.  It was easy to pinpoint, once I put my mind to it: the Oldtown Market in Old Orcutt reminds me of the little hometown market a few blocks from where I grew up, in Topeka, Kansas!

A Saturday Morning Tradition

I can practically map out my childhood based on food.  My mother was a true Virgo, with household duties scheduled carefully to the point they were done by rote and routine.  Today’s example: every Saturday morning I went to Tichenor’s with her to do the weekly grocery shopping, and when we came home, we baked a cake!  Often the cake was from scratch, but as Betty Crocker (I’m sure it was Betty, not Duncan!) started to develop many varieties of cake mix flavors, Mother apparently decided they were worth testing in her kitchen too!  In any case, we invariably had a fresh cake for Saturday night dessert (and Sunday and Monday) — and like her other routines, supper on Saturdays were very often steaks for mom and dad, and hamburgers for us kids!!  (Someday I’ll tell you about the Sunday routine, as that was one of the most special days of the week for me, all revolving around breakfast, lunch and dinner!!)

A New Saturday Tradition

Mark and Wendy Steller’s Oldtown Market triggers that childhood memory of so many Saturdays, so long ago, because their neighborhood market is small, and family owned and operated.  It’s a jewel in our little village of Old Orcutt!  Like a country store, it has more functions than just canned goods on the shelf: there is a terrific little deli section where you can get a fresh sandwich tailor-made just for you; there are Wendy’s antiques available for purchase in her upstairs attic shop as well as throughout the store; there are locally crafted items, such as beautiful hand-painted wine glasses — ah yes, and then there is Steller’s Cellar!  Mark has the best selection (and prices) of wine in the Santa Maria Valley!  On Saturday nights, he has wine tastings that are casual, fun and informative for only $8 per person!

Saturday, November 5, 5:00 – 8:30pm, 405 E. Clark

This Saturday evening Mark is presenting five tremendous pours from the Kendall Jackson Estate local umbrella, all on the affordable side, and he reports that all but one will make a great pairing with Thanksgiving Turkey (one is better with prime rib, per Mark) !  Two of the featured wines are my personal favorites:  Cambria Wine Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir 2009 and Byron Wines 2009 Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir.   Good anytime, no need to wait for Thanksgiving Dinner!!

Support Local Business

Now you have several good reasons to support a local business, and you can combine at least two of them for a very pleasant Saturday afternoon!  Save your grocery shopping for later in the day, and after you’ve finished, get on into the wine tasting room!  Who knows, you might start your very own weekend tradition!

For a trip down memory lane, visit the Oldtown Market in Old Orcutt.  For friendly real estate advice and to buy or sell a home, please support your local Realtor and call me at (805)937-5777 or send me an email and we’ll get started!  Remember, there is no place like home!


An Addition to This Morning’s Post!

I just found out about the Home Depot’s foundation, which partners with “The Mission Continues” to help veterans all across the country!  Take a moment to look at their website and see the good work they are doing to help out.  With all the bad, negative news we hear on the news every day, isn’t it nice to find out about something really positive?  I think there is more good in this world than bad, don’t you??   And I promise not to complain the next time I’m at Home Depot and can’t find someone to help me.  Patience is a virtue….

Let me know how I can help you — just give me a call at (805)937-5777 or send an email.

Moments of Inspiration

Welcome home, PFC Brett Huntzinger!!!

Tuesday night was amazing.  A trip to the train station in San Luis Obispo to welcome home a “wounded warrior”, a young Central Coast soldier home on leave after recently suffering 3 separate incidents of injuries in Afghanistan — and the feelings of patriotism and gratitude sweeping the crowd were wonderful counterpoints to the other demonstrations taking place in cities around the country!

(Note: Robert Tolan holding the left side (facing) of the banner, and Brett is on the right.  KSBY estimated the crowd was over 200!  Click here for the KSBY story.)

Dover, the Welcome Home Troops Mascot!

As we walked to the train tracks to join the crowd before the train pulled in, I noticed a rather large dog resting by some folks sitting on a bench at the station.  Suddenly, I realized it must be Dover himself!  He’s a miracle rescue dog, and you can read about his journey from birth to his new, very important position as a service dog/mascot, by clicking here.  My friend & her camera caught me making friends with him…although his human mom Jo said he was pretty tired, and not in great form.

An Attitude of Gratitude — Take It, It’s Free!

Sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the negativity we read and hear about every day.  At those times, take a look around you and find the positive: in the sweetness of a newborn baby, a trusting beloved pet, or in the face of a soldier who lived to see another day.   I am grateful for the blessings of people who care about others and aren’t afraid to show it.


Have a wonderful day, and remember to call me if you have questions about real estate!  (805)937-5777 or send me an email!

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