Historical Restaurant Reborn!

Since 1958, the Minetti Family has owned and operated the famous Far Western Tavern, located in Guadalupe.  Within a few months, that location will close, and this renowned restaurant will re-open at 300 East Clark Avenue in Old Orcutt!  Shown is a photo I took yesterday, showing the current stage of construction, which is scheduled to be completed this spring.

Our community eagerly awaits the opening of the new Far Western Tavern, bringing fine dining, a great menu and welcoming back to Orcutt the creativity of Chef Rick Manson.  Read about the history of the Far Western Tavern, and prepare to welcome and enjoy Old Orcutt’s newest restaurant when it opens in a few months!

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  1. […] Another claim to fame in Guadalupe is the Far Western Tavern, but that won’t be for much longer, as the restaurant is soon relocating to Old Orcutt. […]

  2. […] legendary Far Western Tavern, open since the 1950′s in Guadalupe, is under construction at 300 W. Clark for its new home(the old one in the historic hotel will close).  It will be […]

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