Home Prices in the Santa Maria Valley

Facts signHave you ever been curious about price ranges in Santa Maria and Orcutt? Today seems like a great day to investigate, so I have broken down the total number of homes, condos and PUDs (Planned Unit Development) currently in Active status on our MLS into price ranges by $100,000 increments.  SFR = Single Family Residence.  Days on Market = the time between the when the listing goes on our MLS and the time the listing goes into a pending (under contract) status, i.e. the market time.

$0 – $199,999

There are 11 active listings.  5 are in Orcutt (all except one are in the Condo/PUD category); 6 are in Santa Maria (4 SFR, 2 Condo/PUD). The least expensive SFR is in Orcutt, at $149,900.  The average Days on Market = 24.

$200,000 – $299,999

Of the 29 active listings, only 3 are in Orcutt and 26 in Santa Maria. Of the 29, just 5 are Condo/PUD.  The average Days on Market = 53, and the lowest price in this range is $225,000.

$300,000 – $399,999

This is the price range with the most Actives, at 50.  26 are in Orcutt, 24 in Santa Maria, so it’s pretty evenly split.  Only 8 are Condo/PUD and 42 are SFR.  The least expensive is $305,000, a short-sale in midtown Santa Maria.  The average Days on Market = 37.

$400,000 – $499,999

There are 18 active listings, with 10 in Orcutt and 8 in Santa Maria, and all of the listings are SFR.  The lowest price in this range is $408,005 and the average Days on Market = 41.

$500,000 – $599,999

Not so many in this price bracket: only 9 total, with 8 in Orcutt and 1 in Santa Maria.  The lowest price is $508,900, and the average Days on Market = 67.

$600,000 – $699,999

This price range produced 9 active listings, with 7 in Orcutt, 1 in Santa Maria, and 1 in Santa Maria Rural.  The least pricey is $619,000 and the average Days on Market rose to 132.

$700,000 – $799,999

Only 3 active listings, all in Orcutt.  $725,000 is the lowest price of the 3, and the average Days on Market = 193, the highest so far!

$800,000 – $899,999

There are 4 actives, all in Orcutt, with $849,000 being the lowest price and the average Days on Market = 106.

$900,000 – $999,999

Only 1 lonely listing in this range, in Orcutt, currently on the market for 41 days and priced at $906,000.

$1,000,000 – up

Talk about lonely, there is only 1 active listing over a million bucks in the Valley, at $1,250,000 in the Santa Maria Rural area, and it’s been on the market 163 days to date.  It’s unique and requires a certain type of buyer wanting acreage, as it sits on 10 acres and the home has over 4,300 square feet.

Here is the lowest price ($149,900) single family residence, and the highest ($1,250,000):

Lowest Price House - 02-16-14

Highest Price - 02-16-14(Photo doesn’t do this property justice.)

So there you go — from the least to the most, it is interesting to note that the higher price ranges remain on the market the longest time, our middle range is $300-399,000, and the majority of listings in that price range and above are in Orcutt, while the majority of listings below that price range are in Santa Maria.

Affordability is possible in North Santa Barbara County! If you don’t know your budget, let me know, and I’ll connect you with a great local lender.  There is no point in shopping for a home without knowing your parameters, both in qualifying for a mortgage, and in your personal comfort level.  Please give me a call at (805)937-5777 or complete the Contact form below, and let’s get started! And tune in tomorrow, Monday February 17, for my weekly report on real estate sales in the Santa Maria Valley!

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