A Dash of Color!

Decisions DecisionsSellers who want to increase the possibility of a quick sale, and are planning to do some interior painting for marketing purposes, should consider their color choices.

Buyers are affected by the color palettes in any home they tour. As they are walking through a home, the colors they see can have a profound effect on their emotions. The thing is, it may be so subtle that they don’t even realize it’s happening, but it can affect their purchasing behavior.

Consider the following:

 Neutral tones – white, grays, browns, and black – seem to be the “go to” colors for people who are painting their homes with the intention of selling. However, the most neutral of neutral colors can make a room seem sterile and lifeless. Browns and grays can be boring and washed out. Black goes in and out of favor, but many interior decorators think that no room is complete without some black accents to bring out depth in the color palette.

Red elevates the energy of a room. It also raises adrenaline, blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. In big rooms, red can bring people together. Rich, deep red creates a strong impression. Ideal for: living room, bedroom and dining room.

Yellow is most often associated with happiness, but if used too much, it can cause frustration and anger. Also, a baby’s room should not be painted yellow. Studies show it will increase the amount the baby cries. Ideal for: kitchen and bathroom.

Blue is the opposite of red, in that it slows blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. Lighter blues are calming; darker blues tend to create feelings of sadness. Ideal for: bedroom and bathroom.

Green has the calming effect of blues and the cheering effect of yellow, all the while being very easy on the eyes. Ideal for: bedroom, dining room, living room, and home office.

Purple, in darker tones, can be deep and sophisticated. In lighter shades, it can bring out calming effects, without being chilly like lighter blues. Ideal for: bedroom.

Orange is about excitement and energy. Like yellow, it evokes enthusiasm, but doesn’t bring out frustration.  It’s best used in moderation, and not suitable for a main color palette. Ideal for: workout room.

Isn’t it interesting to discover how color can impact the sale of your home? For more tips on marketing your home for sale, please give me a call at (805)937-5777 or complete the Contact form below.  I would be happy to offer you a complimentary consultation!


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