Signs of Spring in the Santa Maria Valley

Blog-lavendarTo be more specific, in my backyard!  This is always a thrilling time of year, when plants that have lain dormant during the winter months, suddenly spring to life almost before your eyes and produce vibrant flowers in a range of luscious colors!  Even before the fruits and vegetables start to make their way to our dinner table, the flowers are tempting us outside to be admired, and in some cases, gathered for a special display in the house.  Enjoy these photos, just snapped and fresh as an orange off the tree!

Blog-red  Blog-purple

Blog-pink  Blog-small purple

Blog-yellow  Blog-sml pink





















Are you in need of your own private garden space?  Give me a call at (805)937-5777 or complete the Contact form below, and let’s find your perfect plot of ground! Oh, and a nice home to go with it!

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Today is National Walking Day!

walking for exercize - 4-2-14Americans are encouraged to lace up their sneakers and take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk. It’s a great way to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and to get your family, friends and co-workers started on a healthier way of life. Take the dog for a stroll around the block in the morning, grab your coworkers for a walk at lunch, and walk around the park with your family after dinner.

There are countless ways you can get active, but walking has the lowest dropout rate of them all! It’s the simplest positive change you can make to improve your heart health.

Walk Day 4-2-14

Research has shown that walking at least 30 minutes a day can help you:

• Reduce your risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
• Improve your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and blood lipid profile
• Maintain your body weight and lower the risk of obesity
• Enhance your mental well-being
• Reduce your risk of osteoporosis
• Reduce your risk of breast and colon cancer
• Reduce your risk of non-insulin dependent (type 2) diabetes

There really are so many benefits for such a simple activity!  We have some nice walking trails in the Santa Maria Valley: consider Waller Park, and play some Frisbee Golf while you are at it — or the Orcutt trails south of town!
Information from the American Heart Association

It’s good to be healthy! When you need real estate advice, please give me a call at (805)937-5777 or complete the Contact form below, and I’ll get right back to you — as soon as I finish my walk!


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What You Can Do About the Drought

water conservation 3-30-14Rain predicted on the Central Coast, but is it enough?  According to all the experts, it is definitely not.  One report I heard in early February said it would have to rain every single day until the end of June to replenish our reservoirs and get us out of the danger zone.  The California Association of Realtors® has provided this chart to assist with some simple resolutions for every homeowner.

March 30. 2014It’s easy to think one person can’t solve a problem, but that’s where it starts.  One person, one household at a time!

For real estate problem solving, give me a call — after 28 years as a real estate professional, I’m prepared to help!  Call (805) 937-5777 or complete the Contact form below.  Thanks!

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Gardening in the Santa Maria Valley

daylilyWe are living with drought conditions, and that mild rain last night helps, but it’s a tiny band-aid on a much bigger problem.  Like most people with a yard to tend, I still want to enjoy color and beauty while trying to be responsible — but I also know many of those gorgeous blooms require more water than I can or should give them. Today I want to share a gardening article I found on the wonderful website, which I normally turn to for decorating ideas! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  (Use the small arrows at the bottom of the photo to go through the photos and captions.)

Great Plants for Lush, Low-Water Gardens

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patricks Day 2014It’s green day again and there will be many restaurants and bars offering food and libations tinted green. In the old days, not so much it seems today, if one wasn’t wearing something green, a pinch was in order! Whatever your inclinations, St. Patrick’s Day is a good excuse to have a happy day.

St. Pats 2014







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The Serious Business of Passions and Life

Kobe and Magic - Lakers resized smallFor today’s post the serious business of real estate is off the table and it’s going to be a little more personal. Everyone who knows me understands that I have a major passion for the Los Angeles Lakers and for the welfare of animals — especially the ones who roam so freely through my life, currently my three cats and my dog.  I also love a couple of goofy Golden Retrievers, who share a home with my son and his wife in Santa Barbara  — Kobe and Magic!  Kobe: the alpha dog, an intelligent, loving 85 pound almost-human, bringing smiles to all.  Magic joined the family two years later, and has been Kobe’s constant companion, maybe not quite as brilliant, and much shyer, but lovable just the same.

Doesn’t this photo (click on it to enlarge) perfectly combine my passions?!?  But wait, this post isn’t about me.

Yesterday, Kobe quietly and gently died in my son’s arms, with almost no warning at all.  Other than the natural signs of aging any dog of 13 would have, he lived a full and happy life, caring for his humans and his furry brother Magic with a passion.  Everyone in the family is devastated; none more than his human dad and mom.

Faithful and loving to the end of his earthly life, he is now waiting for his family at the Rainbow Bridge.

Kobe at about 6 months.

Kobe at about 6 months.

Rest in peace, beautiful Kobe, you will forever be loved and missed.


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Need Yet Another Reminder?

Daylight savings 2014So many reminders out there! Here’s another.   Ever wonder about the history of “Daylight Savings”?  Click here for the Wikipedia explanation!

And please, don’t forget to change the batteries in your smoke alarms too — it could save your life!

Daylight Savings-Change smoke detector

If you are hoping to buy or sell a home, remember – I’ve always got time for you! Just give me a call at (805)937-5777 or complete the Contact form below – thank you!

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Sunday Funnies

When I was growing up in a family of five, it was always a race  on Sunday mornings to see which of the three kids would get to the Sunday “funnies” first!  As the youngest, I was always last and had to read them second hand, after my brother and sister had finished giggling and laughing at them.  I rarely read the comic section anymore, but thought this cartoon was cute enough to share for a little Sunday morning humor!  Any human owned by a cat will understand and appreciate it…cat etiquette

Have a wonderful day and remember, I’m a phone call away when you are ready to buy or sell real estate! (805)937-5777 or complete the Contact form below.


Rain is GOOD!

rainy-weatherNot only is the rain we are currently experiencing a most welcome antidote to our recent drought, but it can also help you determine the condition of your roof!  Take a good look to see if any unwanted little leaks are springing up, either inside your home, or even in the garage.  Checking your rain gutters to be sure they aren’t clogged?  Maybe the wrong time for that, but on the other hand, when the rain stops for a few minutes, go out and see if you need to spend a little time on a ladder cleaning them.  Rain is wonderful and very much needed, and so is a good roof to keep you dry!  Bet the local roofing contractors are going to have their hands full in the next week or so!

Call me for local real estate information, I’m always glad to help! (805)937-5777 or complete the Contact form below.  Comments also welcomed, below the Contact form!

Helpful Information

Telemarketing-do-not-call-listWho doesn’t use cell phones? Most of us use one multiple times throughout every day, whether it is a basic flip-phone or a more advanced “smart phone”.  How many of us enjoy receiving (and paying for) telemarketing calls?  I’d bet dollars to doughnuts the answer is NONE!

Yet cell phone numbers are in the possession of telemarketing companies — not just land lines anymore.  To prevent this annoyance, call the National Do Not Call List from the cell phone number you want to protect: 1-888-382-1222.  It takes about 20 seconds or less to complete the call.  Within 31 days of registering, most telemarketing calls will stop, but if you do receive any, you can register a complaint at  Remember, you must call from the cell phone number you want blocked — you cannot call from a different phone number.

The website warns: Scammers have been making phone calls claiming to represent the National Do Not Call Registry.  The calls claim to provide an opportunity to sign up for the Registry.  These calls are not coming from the Registry or the Federal Trade Commission, and you should not respond to these calls.

Help others by passing this on!

For local Santa Maria Valley real estate information or assistance, please call me at (805)937-5777 or complete the Contact form below.  I have only blocked telemarketers, not wonderful folks like you!


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