A Note from Retirement!

Tulsa Skyline

You may have reached this blog by mistake, but if by chance you came intentionally, please bear in mind that all statistical information regarding the real estate market in Santa Maria, CA is dated and currently inaccurate, as it was written prior to my departure in July, 2014. Also, I can no longer be reached at (805)937-5777, my former business number that is often shown within the posts. That number does not belong to me now.

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and am enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle, although I certainly find myself missing the challenges of the real estate world! I am in close contact with colleagues in Santa Maria, so if you need the services of a good real estate professional, please let me know via email (DAnn@DAnnBartley.com) and I will get you to the right person! In fact, not just in Santa Maria or on the Central Coast, but anywhere in the United States! I have always enjoyed a large network of Realtors across the country, and am happy to help you find the perfect fit, no matter your destination.

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Halloween is Coming Soon!

Here’s a warning for you! ūüôā


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It’s True!

retiredFor over 28 years I dedicated myself to helping people buy and sell homes, and could never have asked for a more enjoyable and rewarding career!¬† Now I am on an exciting new path, heading into the great unknown with a sense of adventure and joy!¬† My husband and I have relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the heart of the Midwest and just south of my home state of Kansas.¬† I feel right at home here, and once we settle in and have our new house just the way we want it — we will have plenty of time to explore the beautiful country surrounding us.¬† You see, we have retired!!

I hope to finally have time to do some things I’m passionate about, and one of those things would be volunteer work with animals.¬† I’d also like to take up bridge again, and my husband and I will enjoy fishing in the many lakes around Tulsa!

Some traveling too, as there are lots of friends to visit in Topeka, where I grew up and graduated from high school, and plenty of cousins in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Illinois too!

And don’t worry, all of my Cali friends who know how devoted I am to the Lakers — as soon as I know the schedule, I’ll buy my tickets to the Thunder-Lakers game when they play in Oklahoma City!!!

So I will no longer be practicing real estate in the beautiful Santa Maria Valley, but I will be happy to refer you to a good agent who is, or if you need a lender or if you want to know who cleans windows or carpets, or does good tile work or roofing — whatever you need, please feel free to call or email.¬† My email address will remain the same: DAnn@DAnnBartley.com.¬† My phone: 805-260-5228.

Stay in touch!  Meet you on Facebook!  Check back here too, I may keep posting just for fun!!!

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Fresh Picked This Morning!

Feels like our own Farmer’s Market, right in our own backyard!¬† ¬†Not too shabby for a couple of city folk, dabbling with a small 6′ x 12′ garden plot and a quartet of fruit trees!¬† We have salad-size tomatoes, huge green squash, yellow squash,¬†tasty red¬†beets and sweet carrots!¬† Our¬†orange and apple¬†trees are currently laden with fruit, and the fig and pear trees are working on it — we’ll have ripe¬†fruit in another month!¬† The apple tree seems to be a hybrid of some sort — the apples on the back turn red, but not those¬†on the front!¬† The green are best for baking pies and tarts, while¬†the red for eating out-of-hand.¬† Good soil for vegetables, right here in Orcutt, and yes — everything you see on the table was picked fresh this morning!!!

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